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MetaLair Consultancy – advice and media comment on block chains, Ethereum, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

We provide guidance on block chain technologies such as Ethereum, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin to clients including banks, governments, the crown, NGOs, charities and the media.

MetaLair’s team of experts is able to cover areas from design specification all the way to final design and implementation. We are able to build and test large-scale systems for our customers.

MetaLair was founded in 2012 by two computer scientists from the University of Sussex and is housed at the Sussex Innovation Centre, a business incubation Centre at the University of Sussex.

If you would like to engage MetaLair’s extensive expertise on one of your projects please contact us.

Note to our banking provider – although some of our work covers advice on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies we do not handle Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for our own purposes, clients or third parties.