MetaLair’s Clients

MetaLair’s Clients

MetaLair has undertaken work for clients across a number of market sectors since 2012. Some of the clients and work we have undertaken are listed below. We are currently working on a number of interesting projects under non-disclosure agreements – so please check back as this list will grow over time once the projects launch.


Eurex v1 (600w) 28.06.16.png

Our role focused on validating the research collated from various sources about the capabilities of cryptocurrencies and some related technologies. A number of errors in the research were identified, primarily because the research had based it evidence on statements from developers, not from an actual review of the source code which showed some of the capabilities to be quite different from what was claimed.

Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode v1 (600w) 28.06.16.png

After a brief feasibility study we architected a relational database capable of residing within a blockchain. This provides a more descriptive intellectual property registration schema than any of the identified competing systems in the market space. The improved design allowed the intellectual property, its ownership and the specifics of its licencing to all be fully elaborated on the chain.

The Virtual Doctors

Virtual Doctors v1 (600w) 28.06.16.png

MetaLair enabled the Virtual Doctors to be the first charity to accept Bitcoin donations in the UK. More recently we have installed a hierarchical deterministic cold storage wallet with them to allow them to accept donations from private addresses, store their funds off-line and securely make payments online without exposing their private keys to the internet.