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MetaLair Consultancy - advice and media comment on block chains, Ethereum, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Since its foundation in 2012 MetaLair has used its expertise to guide its clients through the design development and delivery of a number of projects relating to Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Ethereum.

Depending on the client’s needs we can provide engagement at a number of levels. Our work with clients so far has covered initial groundwork of technical feasibility studies, board level guidance, vetting of other technical partners, architectural reviews and the provision of a development team for a client to use in-house.

We are able to provide domain experts for areas across the many faceted domain of Bitcoin, Ethereum, MaidSafe, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our diverse team is able to provide guidance on subject matter as diverse as: economic models, architectural reviews, source code audits, scalability testing and even understanding the legal status of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in specific jurisdictions. The team also equips the young businessmen by suggesting and sharing live demos of automated crypto trading apps like one reviewed at Kryptoszene.de which eases their manual trading efforts and also saves time.

Our clients include banks, governments, the crown, NGOs, charities and we regularly provide comment to the press and media such as the BBC, Financial Times, Inside Bitcoins and Guardian.

MetaLair is based at the Sussex Innovation Centre, a business incubation Centre at the the University of Sussex.

If you would like to engage MetaLair’s extensive expertise on one of your projects please contact us.

Note to our banking provider – although some of our work covers advice on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies we do not handle Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for our own purposes, clients or third parties.