About MetaLair - a Bitcoin, Litecoin and cryptocurrency startup

About MetaLair

MetaLair are one of the very first UK Bitcoin, Litecoin and cryptocurrency startups.

We are looking for investment and donations to develop our double spending proof fully decentralised exchange mechanism able to facilitate secure exchanges between cryptocurrency blockchains and also fiat.

When Satoshi created Bitcoin he solved the Byzantine fault tolerance Problem, also known as the Byzantine Generals Problem; first formalised in 1975, it posits the near impossibility of achieving consensus on a decentralised network.

MetaLair is continuing where Satoshi left off using the mechanisms he developed to create a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange.

The MetaLair team

MetaLair was founded by two experienced technologists, Johnathan Turrall and Kerry Fraser-Robinson. The company is currently in its seed phase.

Designs are in place and we are now seeking funding to assemble the development team we need to build our ideas.

Our core developments will be open source products designed to meet real needs within the cryptocurrency community e.g. a double spending proof fully decentralised exchange mechanism for cryptocurrency and fiat.

Alongside these we will be building a portfolio of proprietary technologies to ensure first mover advantage and establish a foothold within these early markets. With the hope of establishing enough long term revenue that we are no longer dependant on donations.

The founders of MetaLair are senior technologists at separate companies at the University of Sussex’s business incubation centre: The Sussex Innovation Centre.

Donate or invest in MetaLair

MetaLair are accepting both cryptocurrency and fiat. Please donate to the following addresses if you would like to fund this project:



Litecoin QR code

Litecoin QR code

DCG: DPaz7VWaYMacMjpA5wiJgeFWiezvjqZpsx
DVC: 13gScbJ1ykbToSneiPd3XsZHStUqi7cjcw
FRC: 178TU5sTh17unxWS9erS4MCNvvgpj562H7
FTC: 6jXDs9YSaxeuczizaMhritUGZFF6JjwY23
I0C: jeRxiYNhwL9G9fZJqYniVb7BXM4P5PvxcM
PPC: PRAkh2EogviD1Xn5co6rt51tbAD9pRXZja
QRK: QTN2Mi9xRXwZn8diWZH36ueqaj2vfQ7yzv
TRC: 1FGAjY9UDupLghhabc9cPzymzB75BK2GqA
WDC: WdzRMjwis3ZqrTa5xPUsLwxk6zn4XpUhbG
XPM: AQmboJwHhwd7FNUTkLpCpVEY7awjHqjDQb
Fiat: Please email us via our contact us page

If you will be donating an amount at or over £500GBP equivalent, please contact us as we would like to (optionally) add you to our notable donor relations section.

MetaLair are taking investment offers at or above £25k GBP. For investors, please send us information about yourself through our contact us page.

Donations that fall short of our goal will be used for other research, much of which we plan to publish for free consumption by the community, most of it related to cryptocurrencies.