Block Chain Consultancy

Block chain consultancy: need consultancy or media comment?

We provide guidance on block chain technologies such as cryptocurrencies and Ethereum to clients including banks, governments, the crown, NGOs and charities. We regularly consult with the press and media such as the Financial Times, BBC and Guardian and are also available for investment advice. Please contact us if you wish to discuss anything related to cryptocurrency.

The Block Chain and Cryptocurrency Community - clarifying Bitcoin’s place globally and in the UK

Alongside our efforts to build a decentralised exchange, MetaLair is also promoting Bitcoin in the UK. MetaLair has been successful at signing up a number of businesses and is actively promoting block chain and cryptocurrencies, particularly to organisations in the Brighton and Sussex area.

We have created a set of documents clarifying Bitcoin. One document providing advice for global businesses and organisation, one document for UK based businesses and organisations and one document providing advice for businesses and organisations in the Brighton and Sussex area. Please feel free to use these documents to promote the use of Bitcoin to businesses and organisations in your local area.

Please feel free to promote Bitcoin to your local organisations using these leaflets.

We are also running threads on all organisations accepting Bitcoin in the UK here, some of which we have helped set up.


And here:

Bitcoin Talk

You can find organisations near to you who accept Bitcoin and Litecoin using CoinMap.