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Cryptocurrency has thrived because of the involvement of an active and engaged community. Further decentralisation is required and to do this we need your help and donations. If you are reading this you are probably a cryptocurrency enthusiast like us and are looking to help establish a growing community. You can donate in Bitcoin, Litecoin, most major cryptocurrencies and fiat support development.

We hope to establish MetaLair Limited as a UK based company to develop our ideas.

Our core output will be open source technologies that meet a real need within the cryptocurrencies community such as our double spending proof fully decentralised exchange mechanism for cryptocurrency and fiat.

To do this we need your help as we have to pay bills and cover the cost of running a development team.

Long-term our strategy is to build sufficient proprietary technology alongside our core open source projects to provide all the funding the company will need to run its operations so that we will no-longer be dependent on donations. We are even considering making MetaLair an autonomous Bitcoin agent once the business is established.

If you will be donating an amount at or over £500GBP equivalent please contact us as we would like to (optionally) add you to our notable donors’ section.

We hope to keep our finances as transparent as possible during our start-up phase by keeping the community appraised.



Litecoin QR code

Litecoin QR code

DCG: DPaz7VWaYMacMjpA5wiJgeFWiezvjqZpsx
DVC: 13gScbJ1ykbToSneiPd3XsZHStUqi7cjcw
FRC: 178TU5sTh17unxWS9erS4MCNvvgpj562H7
FTC: 6jXDs9YSaxeuczizaMhritUGZFF6JjwY23
I0C: jeRxiYNhwL9G9fZJqYniVb7BXM4P5PvxcM
PPC: PRAkh2EogviD1Xn5co6rt51tbAD9pRXZja
QRK: QTN2Mi9xRXwZn8diWZH36ueqaj2vfQ7yzv
TRC: 1FGAjY9UDupLghhabc9cPzymzB75BK2GqA
WDC: WdzRMjwis3ZqrTa5xPUsLwxk6zn4XpUhbG
XPM: AQmboJwHhwd7FNUTkLpCpVEY7awjHqjDQb
Fiat: Please email us via our contact us page

If you are considering donating even larger amounts; please see our investor relations page as you may want to consider becoming a shareholder instead.

Thanks to our notable donors:

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