Investor Relations

Investing in MetaLair

MetaLair is offering a number of investment opportunities. MetaLair’s current main focus is its decentralised exchange infrastructure for Bitcoin, Litecoin, cryptocurrency and fiat. However, MetaLair is developing a number of additional technologies from which investors will also be able to benefit. We believe that we have significant first mover advantage in the domain of cryptocurrency and MetaLair presents an early opportunity to invest in a company with the potential to become a household name.

MetaLair are looking to achieve a minimum of £250k GBP equivalent to cover all development costs, with the total delivery time estimated at around a year from start.

The costs are commensurate with the level of work required for this proposal; this is not yet another rehash of the Bitcoin sourcecode, there are several completely new components we need to develop as well as extensible client software that needs to be created from scratch.

If we achieve our funding goals and start development we will also be looking for technical collaborators; we are looking for investors who can provide funding and may also strengthen MetaLair as a company.

We are currently in our seed phase; the funding will allow us to assemble the development team we need to build our ideas.

The core of our development will be open source products that meet real needs within the rapidly growing cryptocurrency community such as our double spending proof fully decentralised exchange mechanism for cryptocurrency and fiat.

To complement these we will also be building a portfolio of proprietary technologies to ensure first mover advantage and establish a foothold within these early markets. The objective being to establish sufficient long term revenue streams so that we are no longer depended on donations to run our operations.

The founders of MetaLair have technology backgrounds held C level positions at a number of technology companies. MetaLair is based at the University of Sussex’s business incubation centre: The Sussex Innovation Centre. We have well established access the required resources and development team once sufficient funding is achieved. We are also open to any resources investors may bring aboard.

Investors will only be considered at amounts above £25k GBP equivalent and are happy to accept investment in cryptocurrency or fiat: Bitcoin, Litecoin, USD, EUR and GBP.

If you are interested in investment please email us via our contact us page with details of yourself.

We are also looking for donations; please see our donor relations page for details.