MetaLair’s People

Kerry Fraser-Robinson


  • Kerry, one of the co-conceivers of the decentralised exchange mechanism, is an experienced developer having completed his first software development, a MUD (or MUG) in 1985.
  • In the 90′s Kerry was the Online editor of PC Magazine where he was headhunted by Vivendi-Universal to head up the UK launch of its online gaming service – home to Half-Life, Homeworld, Counter-Strike and many other triple A online games – and saw through the transition of into the more commercially oriented
  • He has held a number of senior board positions at software companies and is regularly invited to expert panels on virtual worlds, environments and economics.
  • In his current role he oversees the development of a number of virtual worlds and their economies.
  • His current company is the first UK development agency to accept Bitcoin.
  • Kerry has been working with Bitcoin since 2010.

Johnathan Turrall, MSc, BSc.


  • Johnathan, one of the co-conceivers of the decentralised exchange mechanism is also its principle architect.
  • He has held senior technology positions at a number of companies overseeing the rollout of a number of secure distributed systems.
  • In his current role he oversees the delivery of ultra-reliable and secure communications technologies for the defence and government sectors.
  • He has a Master’s Degree in Technology and Innovation Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Business Management from the University of Sussex.
  • Johnathan has been architecting virtual currency solutions since 2010.